Wall Hanger-Tidy Mop Pole Storage Gripper - Single - RED

Wall-Tidy, Colour -coded, Brush, Mop, Pole Hanger/ Storage Gripper - Single - RED Tidy up store-room, cleaning-cupboard, garage or shed. Easy fit, easy store, easy release engineered storage gripper for mop/ brush/ broom shafts.
SKU: Wall Tidy Hanger - Single - RED

Wall Bracket - Tidy Mop or Brush Holder - Colour Coded - RED - (SINGLE UNIT)

  • High quality, industrial push and grip, grip capacity 4kg, quick, easy hang storage system .

  • Mounted easily only 2 screws. Immediately tidy cleaning tools from floor. (Grips poles from 9 to 35 mm dia).

  • Ideal for broom cupboards.

  • Quickly tidy cleaning store cupboard, prolong equipment life.

  • Ideal for organising sports equipment, gym equipment room
  • Available in 4 other different colours Blue, yellow, green and white.

  • Colour coded to easily organise and store correct equipment in correct place.
  • Best practice in avoiding cross-contamination of cleaning equipment.
  • Engineered in tough clean polypropylene for durable, long life in commercial premises.
  • Colour coded for segregating colour coded cleaning equipment.
Products specifications
Colour White
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