Wall-Tidy Organiser Tool Clip - Mop Pole Grip - Single - WHITE

Wall-Tidy Tool Clip- Mop Pole Grip - Single - WHITE Colour-coded organiser Hanging tool. Brush, Mop, Pole Hanger/ Tool Clip Plastic geared with rubber Grip - Single tool clip. Tidy store-room, cleaning-cupboard, garage or shed. Easy fit, easy store, easy release engineered gripper for mop/ brush/ broom shafts.
SKU: Wall Tidy Organiser Tool Clip - Single - WHITE

Wall Bracket, Tool Clip - Tidy Mop or Brush Holder - Colour Coded - WHITE (SINGLE UNIT)

  • High quality, industrial push and grip, 4Kg max, quick, easy hang storage system.

  • White Plastic Tool grip with geared rubber grips
  • Mounted easily only 2 screws. Immediately tidy cleaning tools from floor. (Grips poles from 9 to 35 mm dia).

  • Ideal for broom cupboards.

  • Quickly tidy cleaning store cupboard, prolong equipment life.

  • Available in 4 other different colours Red, yellow, green and blue.

  • Colour coded to easily organise and store correct equipment in correct place.
  • Best practice in avoiding cross-contamination of cleaning equipment.
  • Engineered in tough clean polypropylene for durable, long life in commercial premises.
  • Colour coded for segregating colour coded cleaning equipment.
  • Ideal for organising sports equipment, gym equipment room

Designed to accept tools, brush or mop pole shaft of up to 35mm in diameter, however the actual distance between the moulding is actually 40mm, which means that it will actually mechanically grip up to tools such as vacuum tubes to 38mm and will actually grip 39.5mm diameter. There is a small amount of room to re-engineer to accept up to 41 mm as a push fit/grip.

Available in 5 different colours, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White.

Also available on a stainless steel rail with 3 grips. We can customise with either 3, 4 or 5 grips, same or varied colour clips on a stainless steel rail. Please email requirements and we will upload your product to shop and still try to deliver nationally next day.

Limited quantity of longer rail with 5 grippers.

Buy online, High stock levels available for next day UK delivery.

Call or email if any assistance required if any customised units required

Colour coding normally is Kitchen area, Yellow, General use, Blue, Toilets and washrooms, red, Green, specific use, white for medical, pharmacutical applications.

Products specifications
Colour White
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