Dychem’s ICE MELTING COMPOUND for pavements, steps and car parks

DYCHEM the Elbow Grease People

Dychem’s EXICE is an exothermic, thermo-reactive ice melting compound, 10 times more effective than salt and NO MESS. The white granules heat up and melt the ice, and assist the are to dry up. NO MESS! You don’t get the trail of corrosive salt and slush dragged into your premises. Keep reception areas clean and tidy, slip resistent and dry. 10 Times more effective than salt, 100 times cleaner. Available in 10Kg tubs.

Smart winter maintenance from DYCHEM the Elbow Grease People

Dychems original Exice, Ice and snow eliminator, ice melting compound.Dychems EXICE ice melting compound 10 Kg tub

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