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Special offer: Hotel, Restaurant, Bar cleaning supplies

Hotels and Restaurants. Spring Cleaning is a laborious task. Why not use the best industrial products available to make this job easier. Cleaning down grease from kitchen tiles, kitchen canopies, removing carbon from ovens and grills, to overhauling bedrooms, de-scaling toilets, showers and shampooing carpets before the Environmental Health Officers visit. Require COSHH, Data Sheets, Cleaning Schedules? Our Spring Clean Special Offer is aimed at the Hotel and restaurant industry to make that job much easier, quicker and hopefully cheaper! COSHH for Foreign staff.


Recommended Hotel Pack (4 x 5 Litres). 1x5lt Catersan (Kitchen Degreaser), 1x5lt Its Magic Too (General Purpose Cleaner), 1x5lt Carbon-Off(Oven & Grill cleaner), 1×5 Vision (Window Cleaner)/ or Heaven Scent (Air Freshener). Everything you need to get started.

High Quality Detergent Concentrates, generally each 5 litre producing 210 sprayers of product at around 10p each, which really work!

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, and our new website. Take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to let you trial the best industrial cleaning chemicals in the UK, make your task easier and quicker, decide what you need and order at LOW LOW PRICES!This offer will be limited until May 31st 2012. Take advantage and you can buy a box of 4 x 5 ltr concentrates at the reduced price of £59.80, receive a voucher for a second order (40% discount), and a further 3rd order voucher (30% discount), means you will have spring cleaned for FREE! 

Our aim is 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results