Motosolv Engine Degreaser

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MotoSolv Engine Degreaser
Tar and Glue Remover.
Heavy Duty Degreaser. Remove, clean glue shadow of old grafics, signs.
Supplied in 5 litre containers

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Motosolv Solvent Degreaser, Engine Cleaner

Oil , Grease, Tar & Glue Remover

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Heavy duty solvent engine degreaser (Emulsifiable). Requires a solvent resistant sprayer (search our site for "solvent resistant sprayer" (direct link at bottom of page). Do not dilute product, use as supplied. Spray directly onto oil/ grease and allow 2 or 3 minutes to break down grease. Agitate with a brush if required. Rinse with water which emulsifies into a milky white rinseable emulsion.

Dynamic Chemical’s MOTO SOLV is a ready to use degreasing solution for removing deposits of oil and heavy grease from automotive and marine engines and parts cleaner.

Tar and glue remover: After removing graphic, self adhesive signs from vehicles, lorries and vans, to remove the glue shadow of signs, spray MotoSolv onto dry surface and allow to work for about 2 minutes. Best results, lighly rub with a very soft scourer or rough cloth, then wash vehicle as normal with TFR or detergent. If fitting new grafics please use panel cleaner to ensure 100% adhesion of your new signage. We offer several differnet panel wipe & cleaners, please email or call to get correct product (not available on website).

TAR SPOTS on mud wings, alloy wheel and sills. Spray lightly over the affected surface and allow a few minutes to soak. You should see "black tails" running down from tar spots. Wet a rough cloth (eg Floor cloth) with some MotoSolv, wear a rubber or protective glove and using an upward  circular motion recirculate the product over spots. They should disappear. Rinse with water, product will turn milky white as it emulsifies, then wash vehicle to complete job. Do not allow product to dry in. (should this happen, simply lightly spray MOTOSOLV over the affected area, wipe with a cloth (dampened with MotoSolv) then wash vehicle with TFR or detergent as normal.

Liquifies oil and grease quickly. Forms a water rinseable emulsion. Leaves no offensive residues or odours.

Contains no caustic or acid ingredients. Does not react with metal or alloys. High flash point reduces fire risk.

No pre-mixing or diluting required. Minimised waste and labour cost. Spray applicator provided at no cost.

Engine and chassis degreasing, removing oil and grease from concrete floors, carburettor and parts cleaning, dewaxing of metal or painted surfaces. Prior to using steam or high pressure washer.

Recommended TFR for vehicle washing – DyGryme, powerful yet gentle on paintwork and signwriting.

Motosolv Tar and Glue remover, engine degreaser.

Supplied in 5 litre containers. One 5 litre will refill sprayer approximately 10 times.

Motor trade professional product, transport manager, valeting, car wash,marine engineers, fishing vessels.

Recommended sprayer for MotoSolv.

Click Here: Chemical Resistant Trigger Spray

Picture of Chemical Resistant Trigger Spray   
Industrial sprayhead for chemical compatibility. Incorporates all the benefits of the standard sprayer but with polyester construction to provide improved performance with more aggressive cleaning chemicals.
NB. Our delivery charge is the same up to 25Kg. Consider buying 2 or 3 products at one time saving delivery cost. (4x5lt same cost!)
Recommended products, Dygryme (TFR), ITS MAGIC (gen purpose upholstery, carpets, everything), Panel Cleaner Dryer (similar to Avery type).
Can’t find what you are looking for please call and let us help you, we will add info to site for others.


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