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Dynamic Chemicals manufacture a full range of specialised cleaning chemicals and and stock a wide range of hardware, as well as maintenance products for modern trawlers, purse seine fishing vessels. These products work equally as well on wooden fishing vessels and leisure boats. Best selling products are PELAGIC MAGIC, RUSTOFF & MOTOSOLV.

Order online, by email, call our office 01555 892929 or TXT 07774 266664 and we can deliver to any fishing harbour, agent or market, UK mainland, next day, to suit your landing.

PELAGIC MAGIC is a water based detergent degreaser concentrate which you dilute to suit, for spectacular cleaning on engine room, deck, wheelhouse, hull and superstructures. It will clean and restore dull paintwork and remove “rain rust” on outside surfaces, cuts through fish scales and oils on deck to easily removing exhaust and soot stains from engine rooms. Click below for more details. Available in single 5 litre, boxes 4×5 litre, 25 litre drum and 205 litre drum.

RUSTOFF is an acid based Rust Removing descaler for the removal of heavy rust stains.

MOTOSOLV is a Solvent Degreaser (emulsifying) for removal of heavy grease and thick oil deposits on gears, machinery and engines .

CATERSAN is the only product needed for all round galley anti-bacterial cleaning including heavily grease stained canopies, wall surfaces, tiles, cooker tops and floors, even oven cleaning.


Showing 1–12 of 38 results

Showing 1–12 of 38 results