Floor scrubbing Machine - Caddy Clean



ISSA award winner for innovation in Cleaning. Ideal for Scrubbing Stairs, Washroom Facilities and Toilet Areas Caddy Clean. UK distributor of the Caddy Clean machine. The lightest easily operated, battery operated industrial floor scrubbing machine designed for stairs, and awkward areas like toilets and washrooms.Ideal for train, ships, buses anywhere mains electricity is restricted or you would not want trailing cables.

Ideal for disabled persons as telescopic handle can be used at shortest length from a wheelchair and no sideaways torque due to contra-rotating heads.

Ergonomic, telescopic handle means machine suits any height of operator from 3′ 7″ – 7′ 3″, and can be adjusted for varying work heights eg. on stairs. Use where you want to avoid trailing cables or no power, mains, electric supply.

12VDC, 400 rpm Twin Headed, twin brush or pads, floor scrubbing machine.

We stock Caddy Clean spares and aim to provide next day / 24 hour service throughout Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales (UK mainland).