Restaurant & Catering

Catering industry: Professional cleaning products and equipment.

Professional Cleaning and Hygiene products for Hotels, Restaurants, Holiday Centres, Cruise Ships and Public Houses where ultimate hygiene levels are demanded.

Employing Dynamic Chemicals products is a statement of the extremely high hygiene standards of any hospitality business.

Unique colour coded product system which is particularly aimed at the large hotel/ chain where foreign staff may be employed. ONE individual coloured product for each area, in a matching colour coded sprayer which can be dispensed from a chemical dispensing centre, reducing exposure to concentrates. All M.S.D.S. (C.O.S.H.H Safety Data Sheets) are available in all EC languages. Products are manufactured on our own premises and tailored to your requirements, change of colour, anti-bacterial, foam, fragrance etc. Please email or call and we will provide your solution.

Cleaning schedules, cleaning procedures, hygiene systems, Cook Safe Records or problems such as viral infection control (e.g. SRV Small Round Virus, Winter Vomiting Bug, NoroVirus, etc.).

Call or email for a one to one with our Chemist.