PATIO CLEANER ORIG Cleaning moss, algae, patio, drive paving block

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Moss Algae Lichens – Cleaner Removal
Product supplied to professional, industrial users only
Non acid, no erosion to surface
1 x 5 litre will treat up to 750 square feet, ( 70 sq metres)
Long lasting results, usually 12 – 18 months before any regrowth

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Cleaning patios, moss, algae paving slabs and mono block drives

Professional Use ONLY

Hi Scott

As promised I conducted the coverage test for Industrious that you requested. We recommend this product only used on dull overcast days to give the product maximum contact time to work. Today it was 25 C so not ideal and patio was in direct sunlight, so best results were not achieved due to drying out too quickly. Remember Appropriate protective safety workwear should be worn. Minimum, Rubber gloves, Waterproof trousers and rubber boots/ wellingtons.

Step By Step Photos of demonstration of patio, slab, paver, moss, lichens cleaner

 Patio Cleaner Paver Moss Lichen Cleaning Pic. 01. BEFORE: Note these slabs don’t look too bad, but when wet and during winter they appear never to dry out they are slippy, as well as black looking.

First task because it was so hot I had to soak the slabs to cool them down. I was expecting to clean at least 5 rows, didn’t take into account the heat and direct sunlight. This patio is 10 x 8 slabs, 3 x 2 ft so total area = 20 x 24 feet = 480 sq feet, (app 45 sq metres) and would have expected 1 x 5 litre of concentrate to comfortably treat all of this area.

Patio Cleaner Paver Moss Lichen Cleaning Pic. 02  Soaking


Patio Cleaner Paver Moss Lichen Cleaning Pic 03 Initial Application

This picture is taken about 30 seconds after simply spreading out product with a brush. A slight foaming appears.

Patio Cleaner Paver Moss Lichen Cleaning Pic 04 Close up of foaming action (2 minutes)


Patio Cleaner Paver Moss Lichen Cleaning Pic 05 after 5 minutes One row x 2 slabs wide applied.

Only 2 slabs wide applied at a time as this is available reach with normal brush shaft avoiding standing in product.

Patio Cleaner Paver Moss Lichen Cleaning Pic 06 immediately Deck scrubber now lightly brushed over area to make sure product is worked into heavy lichen areas.

Patio Cleaner Paver Moss Lichen Cleaning Pic 07 Product left to work, usually for 20 minutes ( due to heat had to lightly spray with hose as it was drying out within 10 mins). It may have made sense with todays temp and direct sunlight on slabs to dilute product further?? After 15 minutes, ordinary hose used to rinse off to minimise splashing and left to dry.

 Patio Cleaner Paver Moss Lichen Cleaning Pic 08 Less than 5 minutes later. Product drying to quickly due to direct sunlight.

Patio Cleaner Paver Moss Lichen Cleaning Pic 09 a couple of minutes later, drying too fast.


Patio Cleaner Paver Moss Lichen Cleaning Pic 10 another 2 minutes and area is dry. Probably not enough time to 100% kill all spores and lichens & Moss roots. Residual chlorine may finish job in the next few days after rain. I will monitor, this and update Topic in a week or two. You can see areas which were not brushed at all, splashes (in foreground) with drips from bucket and run off area when rinsing to left of  area cleaned.

Patio Cleaner Paver Moss Lichen Cleaning Pic 11 Photo taken an hour or so later. No apparent difference from previous photo, again will monitor over next week.

The actual cleaning process time was less than 5 minutes for this area. The rest of the time is purely for demonstration purposes.

I will wait till weather temperatures drop, with current heat wave, and suggest increase dilution to 1:5 with longer dwell time (weather permitting).

Area covered 3×2 ft slabs ( 8 x 2) = 96 sq feet ( approx 10 sq metres).

Amount of product used = 1 litre of concentrate at 1:3, (1 part Industrious, 3 parts water).

As mentioned earlier we recommend use in dull overcast, cool weather. and would expect to see probably around a 50% bigger area covered with product than experienced on this test area. The main advantage to cleaning the slabs by this method is

1.   Man hours 100 sq feet application = 5 mins

2.   Long Lasting result due to roots and spores killed. ( usually 12 – 15 months before any recurrence vs 4 – 6 weeks with pressure washing).

3.   Against Pressure washing. Particularly paver blocks. No disruption to sand holding blocks in place.

4.   No over spray or mess outside work area.

5.   No erosion of slabs or discoloration compared with acids.

Down sides.

1.   Product is corrosive on clothing or anything fabric

2.   No one can be allowed to walk through until thoroughly rinsed clear.


I will also try applying product by watering can, as due to these slabs not being grouted quite a lot of product was lost between joints.

These are all considerations to take into account if estimating a similar job.

After todays trial, I am comfortable in estimating that coverage following instructions and appropriate weather conditions would be

1 litre concentrate will treat for one application, 150 sq feet (14 sq metres).

1 x 5 litre will treat up to 750 square feet, ( 70 sq metres)

I would also say that this trial was accurately measured to 1:3. Previous trials, demos and actual cleaning were not measured and I am sure dilution was higher.

As mentioned previously I will continue cleaning this patio later i week when cooler, and try various higher dilutions.


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