Pelagic Magic – FACEBOOK SPECIAL Trawler & Engine Room Cleaner 4 x 5 litre

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Pelagic Magic
Trawler Engine Room Degreaser, Hull Cleaner and Purse Seine Tank Cleaner
Easily removes Exhaust stains, Soot, Smoke Damage and Rust stains from Deck & Hull paintwork. Bilge Cleaner Free delivery mainland UK.

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PELAGIC MAGIC – Marine Engine Room Cleaner, exhaust, soot cleaner

One product for all round spectacular cleaning on fishing vessels. Burst exhaust, fire or smoke damage in engine room, general engine room cleaning, exhaust fumes behind funnel or on wheelhouse and rain rust stains on painted over metal superstructures. Pelagic Magic removes fish scales, oils and (dull) oxidised paint leaving it shining bright like new. Pelagic Magic is not only for Pelagic fishing vessels, it works equally as well on demersal, white fish boats too.

Marine Cleaner with Anti-Bacterial biocide. Dynamic Chemical’s PELAGIC MAGIC has been developed closely with the Fishing industry. It combines concentrated properties which instantly clean, deodorise and disinfect greasy surfaces all around today’s modern trawlers and purse seine fishing vessels.

Available in 5 litre, 4 x 5 litre boxed, 25 & 205 litre drums.

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Dynamic Chemicals Pelagic Magic exhaust soot engine room cleaner - Before

Dynamic Chemicals Pelagic Magic exhaust soot engine room cleaner - After
Dilution Product Use 500ml
sprayer cost
10:1 Heavy Duty clean down, rain rust remover, paint renovator 25p
15:1 General purpose heavy duty degreaser. Exhaust fumes. 16p
20:1 Normal dilution for day to day heavy duty cleaning. 12p
40:1 General mopping of floors, processing plant and deck. 6p
1000:1 Bactericidal recycling cleaner to purge tanks. 0.025p

Our best known, and best seller:- water based, non-acid, low foam, high active “magic” product performance which has to be seen to be believed. Cleans exhaust fumes and grease in engine rooms easily. No scrubbing. Excellent for cleaning checker plate floor and steps. Removes rain rust (this requires a little agitation with a deckscrubber) and restores paintwork like new. One product for all round cleaning on a fishing vessel.

Used throughout the Scottish & Irish Fishing fleet, order via online shop, email or telephone, we can deliver to your agent, net store or harbour for landing Aberdeen, Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Buckie, Scrabster, Kinlochbervie, Lochinver, Ullapool, Kirkcudbright, next day delivery anywhere mainland UK. Islands, even Killybegs will take 2 – 3 days.

An effective degreaser for fuel spills and exhaust stains in engine room. One product for pre-season tank cleaning and routine cleaning and disinfecting. Restores oxidised paintwork on decks and removes marine efflorescence from wheelhouse super-structure. Bactericidal for single product hygiene on food processing areas.

PELAGIC MAGIC at an average dilution of 30:1 costs approximately, in use, only 65p per gallon for most vessel cleaning jobs. Tank cleaning costs are less than 3p per gallon.

PELAGIC MAGIC can either be sprayed, mopped, wiped-on, applied by pressure washer or soaked.

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