Toilet Renovator – Mixed Starter Pack

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Totally renovate your toilet area
Descale, remove stubborn stains
Clean floor up like new
Remove strong bad smells

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How to renovate an unsightly,  smelly, bar, club, hotel or holiday park toilet for under £100.00?

There is no excuse for dirty, smelly toilets!!!! 

        From this …………………………to ………This in a few seconds!!!

Dirty Scaled Toilet Before Dynamic Chemicals Bowl Re New       Toilet Bowl After 20 second clean with Dynamic Chemicals Bowl Re New

Rid nasty toilet smells for good !!!!

See your original floor tiles!!!

Save hours of hard scrubbing, this pack will renovate your toilets in a few minutes!!!

Recurring slow running urinals or blocked drains in gents, this could also solve that problem.

Completely Bleach Free.

This pack is not suitable for descaling stainless steel urinals (please contact for alternative pack).

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In this enamel urinal or toilet bowl & tiled floor pack is:

2 x 5 litre concentrated Antiseptic Acid Descaler – Dynamic’s BOWL ReNew. (used neat initially, thereafter weekly diluted 1:4)

1 x 5 litre concentrated perfumed disinfectant bathroom cleaner – OBSESSION (refills 90 sprayers)

1 x 5 litre General Purpose Spray and Wipe SuperCleaner concentrate – ITS MAGIC TOO (refills 210 sprayers)

1 Special Bowl Mop (To Apply Bowl ReNew)

2 Ouncematic dispensers for correctly and economically dispensing Obsession & Its Magic Too.

1 Green Trigger Sprayer (For Obsession)

1 Red Trigger Sprayer (For Its Magic Too)

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SAVE OVER £40.00  !!!!!!!!

Buy this introductory pack for ONLY £80.00

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We want to to get the best from our products. Not sure if this is the right pack for you, please give us a call or email a Tel No and we will call you.

Received your product and not sure how to use it, get your staff to call and we will talk them through how to transform your toilets in just a few minutes.

Totally renovate your toilet area, descale, remove stubborn stains, bring floor up like new & remove strong bad smells and enough to maintain clean and fresh for a few weeks. If you have toilet cleaning problems, stubborn stains, un-moveable brown stains under urinals, a dark brown fungus  or yeast deposits in urinal trough, horrible smells in gents toilets, please try this instant solution.

This offer is NOT limited to bars, hotels, restaurants and clubs. although it is most likely a problem in premises with high beer sales, this offer is also open to offices, factories alike. Solve smelly toilets quickly and easily.

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