STRIP – 5lt Wax Polish Floor Stripper

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Floor stripping detergent.
Very powerful ammoniated concentrate
Quickly strips floor polish, metallised emulsions & acrylic floor finishes.
Restore wooden and vinyl floors back to original condition
Supplied in 5 litre container.

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Dynamic Chemical’s STRIP is a concentrated wax remover as well as a multi-purpose cleaner. Even in areas where different types of floor finish are present STRIP will emulsify deposits quickly with a minimum of effort.



Will not harm any washable surface and does not contain any hazardous acid.


On all types of surfaces, which have an accumulation of wax and dirt build-up, such as wood, paint, vinyl, quarry tile and cork floors.


The unique blend of cleaners and solvents go to work immediately on unsightly wax, grease, oils and other types of soils.


The high dilutions possible give greatest economy. This, combined with the saving on labour and time means STRIP is a real contribution to cost reduction in maintenance budgets.


STRIP is a very efficient general cleaning product and can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner for walls, tiles, painted surfaces etc. Also widely used by Fibreglass Companies to clean brushes and other equipment. Excellent for cleaning crystal.


For wax stripping dilute 1 part of STRIP to 30 parts of water. Apply with mop or sprayer and agitate on surface, on floors with rotary disc scrubbing machine and black stripping pad. Rinse well and allow floor to dry before re-coating with floor treatment selected. Recommended Dynamic Chemical’s “Flair”. For general cleaning, dilute 1 part of STRIP to 50 parts of water and apply either by wiping, mopping or spraying. Remove emulsified soil with damp cloth, mop or wet and dry vacuum with floor tool.

STRIP: Wax Polish Floor Stripper.

Dynamic Chemicals Floor Stripping Detergent

Incredibly powerful formula visibly dissolves old coats and heavy build-ups of all floor polishes, wax, metallised, cross polymer, acrylic and clear finishes.

Problems removing old polish from floors, Dynamic Chemicals Floor Stripper will resolve this problem. For small build ups at the edges of stairs, corridors or dance floors, simply dilute product at 1:10 with water in a trig spray, spray on to build up and allow to “wet” for 30 seconds. You should observe a colour change from black to a light grey, sometimes purple, then lightly agitate with a scourer pad, stripping pad, or an octopus tool, caddy clean machine or floor scrubbing machine dependent on the size of area to be cleaned.

Normal, routine floor stripping dilute product at 1:30 and normally a single disc floor machine is used for large floor areas. For best results mop up dirty waste then rinse floor with 1.100 solution of Strip or just clean water and use a wet vac machine to thoroughly extract all debris from floor prior to re sealing the floor with new floor finish.

Strip is very powerful ammoniated Floor stripper and area, room to be stripped should be ventilated.

Floor stripper detergent.
Quickly strips old floor polish, metallised emulsions and acrylic floor finishes.
Wooden and vinyl floors back to original condition.

Obtain better prices by purchasing in 4×5 litre boxes. Products can be mixed in box to achieve discount.

Supplied in 5 litre container.

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