55cm (22" inch) Ind. Floor Squeegee - Colour RED Plastic Frame

Coloured Ind. Plastic HD Foam - Floor Squeegee - RED

  • Professional Floor Squeegee Colour Coded - RED
  • HD Foam Blade 55cm (22" inch)
  • (Hygienic Plastic) squeegee only
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals HW
Old price: £11.95

Colour-Coded Industrial Floor Squeegee (Plastic head/ frame) 55cm (22" inches) RED.

This is eactly the same Floor Squeegee as our popular "grey" Industrial Plastic Floor Squeegee range, the only difference is that the plastic frame is coloured Red, to provide a cheaper colour-coded Hygiene floor squeegee. The plastic frame / head of the Plastic floor squeegee is very durable and retains it hygienic look throughout its life.

Plastic Floor Squeegees don't rust. Similar twin foam rubber blades (marginally harder for longer wear) as the metal floor squeegee frame range.

Plastic framed Floor squeegees available in 5 different widths 35cm (14" inch) to 75cm (30" inch), and now in 5 different colours, Including RED, almost 50 shades of red.

Feedback from customers indicate that the marginally softer blade in the metal floor squeegee performs better in kennels picking up dog hairs, otherwise, squeegee water from floor performance appears similar.

The professional's first choice of floor squeegee for effective squeegee action to quickly remove water from floors and dry all hard surface floor areas. Effective on painted concrete, tiled, vinyl, linoleum, wood, amtico, altro, resin surfaces. Choice of 5 different widths of squeegee.

Floor squeegee is manufactured with Heavy Duty re-inforced plastic with twin durable compressed High Density foam rubber blades which float over uneven floors giving great results. The floor squeegee handle socket with ferrule will accept up to 25mm handles/ poles. We recommend the colour coded fibreglass pole 555 or the colour gripped Aluminium pole 540  see below, we offer a full range of wooden, steel and colour coded grip aluminium poles in our janitorial section.

Floor squeegees, ideal for kitchens, washrooms, showrooms, kennels, food factories, leisure centres, swimming pools, workshops or flood risk areas.

If your floor is uneven then better results will be achieved with a narrower floor squeegee.

If you have a lot of obstacles e.g. tables, shelving legs, then our metal squeegees are sturdier particularly at the larger widths 65cm & 75cm.

This item is  a 55cm (22"inch) plastic frame floor squeegee only.

Remember to look at handles,  related product link,  mop handles below!



Trouble spelling Squeegee, sqegee, sqweegee, squegee, sqeejee, or any other combination, me too, so you have my sympathies. At least you have got to our online shop where we sell online and you can now but the squeegee you need hopefully cheaper than anywhere else, well at least for the same professional quality. I hope we have the spelling right, but you will find your floor drying problem with one of our industrial squeegees - they get the job done of removing water or sweeping water from floors quick!

No matter where you are in the UK, buy securely online from our on-line shop. Buying just one or two then we will post it, larger orders we can send by courier next day to London, Manchester, Devon & Cornwall, Inverness-shire, Glasgow, Cardiff or Belfast. We deliver to Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales from stock, usually next day.

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