Caddy Clean Features and Accessories. 

Accessories, features and benefits of the Caddy Clean, the small battery operated, professional floor scrubbing machine. Lighweight, but heavy duty.

Provides total safety and control. Contra-rotating brushes negate centrifugal force normally associated with single disc floor scrubbing machines, therefore no risk of injury and easy to use.
No trailing cables. Ideal for stairs, washroom cleaning, ferries & trains.

Intelligent solid state battery circuitry controls charging, cannot be overcharged.
Up to 2 Hours battery life in continuous use. Recharging time equals time used. eg. used for 1 hour, battery will be fully recharged in 1 hour.
Overall battery life should be around 1,000 charge cycles.


Caddy Clean Battery

Battery belt attachment

For portable control. Enables cleaning operation single handed. Shoulder bagfor battery pack included in “800” kit, or available as an extra as an alternative to wearing on belt.


Caddy Clean Hold All


Provides user with a complete mobile workstation, or keeps all accessories and machine tidy and in one place.

Telescopic Handles

Telescopic Handle

Ergonomically designed to reduce risk of fatigue/ injury. Maintains correct working posture regardless of height of operator, preventing stoop, stretch and minimising RSI. Angle of head is fully adjustable too.

Hand Held tool Detachable power head with handle conversion accessory.

(OPTIONAL) Ergonomic handle conversion accessory.

Fits to detachable head. Purchase seperately, Item No. 800-34.
Enables machine to be safely used in “hand held” format. On/ off switch at thumb position on handle. converts powerhead into elecric scrubbing brush with comfortable grip.



Adjustable angled power head




Adjustable angled power head

Affords complete versatility, with options to suit all types of cleaning tasks.



Floating power head option

Floating power head option

Provides additional manoeuvrability and access to difficult to reach areas, without effort.

Choice of fast snap-on accesories, brushes or cleaning pads

Choice of fast snap-on accesories, brushes or cleaning pads

Offers greater flexibility.
Suits any cleaning task.

Optional 1.5ltr solution tank with in-built electric pump

Optional   2.5ltr solution tank with in-built electric pump.

Purchase separately, item No. 800-18.
Delivers appropriate volume of cleaning solution to the floor. Small elecric pump is control via push button on handle. Operating machine and delivery of detergent is a one handed operation.

Selection of multipurpose cleaning accessories

Selection of multipurpose cleaning accessories

* Colour Coded Brushes
* Tynex Heavy-Duty Brushes
* Microfibre Pads
* Cleaning Pads. High abrasive to polishing.

Lightweight – 1.5kilos !!

Less tiring to operate, user friendly for cleaning ceilings and walls. Reduces risk of back injury and RSI from stooping and repetive scrubbing.


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