Floor Squeegees & Floor Scrapers

Industrial, Commercial, Professional Floor Squeegees and Floor Scrapers
Our industrial Floor Squeegees are manufactured with a high quality professional grade of  twin foam rubber blades which are very effective on most wooden, vinyl, ceramic, tiled, painted and stone floors. Choice of metal frame or plastic frame, have similar foam squeegee blades, the plastic framed squeegee having a slightly harder foam which wears longer, while the metal framed floor squeegee has slightly softer foam blades which give slightly better grip to surfaces removing difficult problems like hair in hairdressers or boarding kennels. In general on most applications they perform similarly.
Metal Floor Squeegees for heavy duty work, like workshops, kennels, particularly where likely to snag on obstacles eg. furniture, shelving, then metal will stand up to that kind of abuse. They are supplied with a polished chrome finish but unfortunately will rust over a period of time, unless you dry them immediately after every use.
Plastic Floor Squeegees perform on liquids, every bit as good, and are rustproof, so look better for much longer particularly in hygiene areas such as food factories, kitchen areas.
Floor Scrapers are available with 2 different metal blades. Either a more flexible blade for softer surfaces like wood/ vinyl or a more rigid blade for stone surfaces.
Remember to order a handle/ pole when ordering a squeegee for the first time, usually correct pole is further down the page.
LARGE STOCK of all floor squeegees, poles & handles, FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY UK. We can stock out on occassional high demand days. 99% of the time we manage to dispatch all orders on the same day as order received.
We usually deliver via overnight carrier due to recent size restrictions from the royal mail.