Pelagic Magic – Trawler & Engine Room Cleaner

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Pelagic Magic 25 – Trawler Engine Room Degreaser, Hull Cleaner and Purse Seine Tank Cleaner Easily removes Exhaust stains, Soot, Smoke Damage and Rust stains from Deck & Hull paintwork. Bilge Cleaner
Supplied in 5, 25 & 205 litre containers

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25 Litre Drum PELAGIC MAGIC: Marine Cleaner for the Fishing Industry, with Bactericidal Agent. Dynamic Chemical’s PELAGIC MAGIC combines concentrated properties which instantly clean, deodorise and disinfect greasy surfaces all around today’s modern purse seiner fishing vessels and trawlers.

At the correct dilution can be used on any washable surface and will not damage metals, plastics, rubber, glass or paint. Safe on tank surfaces for tank cleaning and is 100% bio degradable and food safe. Avoid using concentrate direct to aluminium.

An effective degreaser for fuel spills and exhaust stains in engine room. One product for pre-season tank cleaning and routine cleaning and disinfecting. Restores oxidised paintwork on decks and removes marine efflorescence from wheelhouse super-structure. Bactericidal for single product hygiene on food processing areas.

PELAGIC MAGIC at an average dilution of 30:1 cost approximately, in use, only 65p per gallon for most vessel cleaning jobs. Tank cleaning costs are less than 3p per gallon.

PELAGIC MAGIC can either be sprayed, mopped, wiped-on, applied by pressure washer or soaked.

VERSATILE    PELAGIC MAGIC can and will work best in warm water. Most commonly used with cold water, and equally well in sea water, via sprayer, is exceptional in high pressure or foam spray equipment. EXCELLENT for immersion or ultrasonic cleaning of utensils and extraction filters.

The powerful balanced formulation of ITS MAGIC gives quick effective results without any hard scrubbing. One product for total cleaning. Cuts labour costs. NO RINSING NECESSARY.

EASY TO APPLY    PELAGIC MAGIC can be either sprayed, brushed, mopped, wiped on or introduced through pressure washer with or without foaming lance. Also suitable for scrubbing machine use. 

No minimum order. It may appear expensive buying just 1 x 5 litre. Each 5 litre refills 210 sprayers averaging only 12 pence per sprayer. Boxes of 4 x 5 litre boxes attract a discount (and products can be mixed to fill a box) and generally delivered free! to mainland UK. See bottom of page for pricing discounts.

Product is available to buy in 1 x 5 litre single container, although it is not very economical to deliver this quantity (liquids cannot be supplied via Royal Mail post). Usual orders are for a box of 4 x 5 litres, which can be made up of four different products which are delivered for the same cost as just 1 bottle. Also packed in 25 litre and 205 litre drums. 
We are principally a business to business site, therefore pricing is excluding VAT.

Group and contract prices can include vessel survey and staff training (subject to availability).

Dynamic Chemical’s PELAGIC MAGIC MSDS available in any European language.

Download  A4 Leaflet – Fishing & Marine Products (Added FOC to Cart (No Purchase necessary) e-mailed immediately! click here

We also supply to householders who need or want to use professional products and enjoy the savings by diluting the products at home.

A tip from one of our customers. Finding that it cleaned oil stains on his paver block drive, due to the trouble he was in from his wife he renamed it TRAGIC MAGIC, thanks John!

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