Rinse-dry - Automatic dishwasher rinse and drying aid 25 ltr drum

  • Automatic dishwasher rinse aid and drying agent
  • Produces sparkling results
  • Gives smear free finish on plates and crockery
  • Allows for faster drying and stacking time.
  • Suits all industrial, commercial glass and dishwashing machines
Manufacturer: Dynamic Chemicals
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SKU: Rinsoff5
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Dynamic Chemical’s RINSE-DRY is a detergent specially formulated to aid the rinse water to remove waste food, wash detergent and to speed up the drying time of crockery and cutlery. It is recommended to use in conjunction with Wonderwash, in automatic dishwashing machines.



Leaves crockery, cutlery and glasses streak free, therefore, it is not necessary to dry or polish. RINSE-DRY works equally well in hard or soft water.


This product may be used on all crockery and kitchen utensils. It will not damage vulnerable components in any machine.


Machine regulated for optimum economy at 82° C, dilutes at 1800:1. It is recommended that this product be dispensed with DYNAMIC CHEMICAL’S dosing pump. No wastage due to operator mis-use.


Hotels, Motels, Clubs, Pubs, Cafes, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Canteens, and Restaurants etc.
N.B: The recommended wash detergent for this product is Dynamic Chemical's WONDERWASH.

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