30cm (12″) Complete SilverBrand Window Squeegee

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Commercial Window Squeegee Complete

Window Cleaners 30cm (12″ inch) Window Squeegee
Silverbrand Professional Window Tools
Complete Window Cleaners 12″ Window Squeegee
Squeegee, standard handle & “Pulex” Professional Rubber.

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Professional Window Cleaners 30cm (12″ inch) Chrome finish Window Squeegee

  • Window Cleaners 30cm (12″ inch) Window Squeegee
  • Silverbrand Professional Window Tools
  • Window Cleaners 12″ Window Squeegee
  • Complete Squeegee, standard handle & Pulex professional rubber.

This is a professional window squeegee, which has a standard rubber grip. The grip accepts all “push fit” telescopic poles (see our range of aluminium and fibreglass poles). It can be used with the push clip quick change to exchange channels, or tightened to have channel fixed.

This model is better suited to for homeowners own use as it does not have clips to hold / tension rubber, it is simply secured by a thumb push and can be securely tightened up with a screwdriver.

Fitted with Professional’s choice “Pulex” rubber which is harder wearing and longer lasting than Ettore. A soft replacement “Pulex” replacement rubber is also available. The standard rubber supplied performs comparably with other professional rubbers but its long lasting performance makes it one of the cheapest to use.

This size of squeegee is also ideal for use in bathrooms and showers to remove water from tiles and shower screen which reduces the formation of black/ brown fungii particularly in showers.

Replacement “Pulex” rubbers available on our site.

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