‘Automatic Air Freshener Refill – Garden Apple

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Automatic Air Freshener Aerosol Refill – GARDEN APPLE. Commercial, industrial strength perfumes in metered aerosols to combat odour problems in Washrooms, Toilets, Corridors or any public areas where odour control is required.
Each metered Aerosol contains 3400 sprays (30 – 72 days)provide odour control coverage in rooms up to 6000 cubic feet when used with the DynAir metered aerosol dispenser.

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Automatic Air Freshener Aerosol Refill – GARDEN APPLE. Commercial, Industrial Strength Fragrance

Garden Apple fragrance. Very sharp fresh cutting through odours, recommended for Dining areas or Gents washroom areas.

Kleenmist flagrance aerosols have been leading sellers in the odour control market for over 30 years. A wide range of fragrances and perfumes available in quality, dependable  metered aerosols to combat odour problems in Washrooms, toilets, corridors any public areas where odour control is required.

The automatic aerosol is the most reliable, effective method of odour control over gel type fresheners, as the last spray out the can is exactly the same as the first. It’s fragrance does not diminish over  the life of the refill. The electronically controlled dispensers are reliable to dispense the exact amount on a pre determined interval, which can be altered during the aerosol life, should circumstances change.

With such a wide range of proven fragrances there is a right perfume for every area, for every event. You need not suffer bad smells with such a controllable odour management system.

Save pounds on Washroom Odour control. Own your own system for less than 3 months rental contract.


Recommended for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Social Clubs, Nightclubs, Holiday Parks, Conference Centres, Caravan Parks, Public Toilet Blocks, Theatres, Cruise Ships, Hostels

Metered aerosols for use in the metered aerosol dispenser. Each aerosol contains 3400 metered sprays.

Sprays (30 days at 24 hours, 72 days daylight only) per aerosol will provide odour control coverage in rooms up to 6000 cubic ft

The Kleenmist automatic air freshener refill also comes in:

  • Air Sanitiser (Neutraliser Odour less)
  • Apres Rasage (Men’s After Shave)
  • Baby Powder
  • Cranberry
  • Citrus Grove
  • Forest Berry
  • Garden Apple
  • Lilac
  • Orange
  • Powder Room (Very Light Perfume)
  • Wild Flower
  • Vanilla

Garden Apple bright, fresh fragrance in automatic air freshener aerosol.

DYNAMIC CHEMICALS Manufacture a wide range of Liquid Deodoriser, re-Odourisers and Enzyme re-Odourants for diverse applications. If you can’t find what you are looking for email us or call the office for more details. e.g. Bubblegum Odour Masking and enzyme waste removal for Skip, bin areas.

Garden Apple – fresh green apple fragrance

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