Economy Liquid Soap – Anti-bacterial hand – skin soap


Economy Liquid Soap
Anti-bacterial hand – skin soap
For use in any wall dispenser
Choose from vast fragrances

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Dynamic Chemical’s BACTERICIDAL HAND SOAP is a concentrated liquid skin cleaner which dissolves and emulsifies carbon, dirt, grime, grease, ink and other soils.

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Contains no harsh solvents or abrasives and is biodegradable. Does not remove natural skin oils. Contains lanolin, coconut oil and other conditioning agents, which help to prevent drying out and cracking of skin. May be used for all over body washing.


Liquid formulation penetrates deep into the pores of the skin. Quickly emulsifies dirt, grease and grime, which enable easy and complete water rinsing to thoroughly cleanse the skin.


Only a small amount generates luxury foam to effectively clean hands. Choose from a wide range of freestanding, container top or wall mounted dispensers. All versions of this product are supplied with antiseptic. Also available is an extensive range of pleasant fragrances or DESIGNER PERFUMES for use in public toilet areas and non-food processing areas.


Choose unperfumed for hypersensitive skin, or food processing areas.

Choice of over 10 fragrances or essential oils eg- Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Rose, Floral etc. Choice of over 20 modern Designer

Perfumes -CK1, Obsession, Poison, Eternity, Jazz, JPGaultier etc.


Industrial, offices, canteens, washrooms, construction sites, kitchens, mining and oil operations, transport companies, mobile applications, local government authorities and anywhere a safe, antiseptic or perfumed yet powerful skin cleaner is required.

Economy Antiseptic Liquid Hand Soap

Dynamic Chemical’s Economy LIQUID SOAP is an antiseptic soap supplied unperfumed or perfumed with a broad range of perfume s of your choice.

Suitable for use in washrooms, offices, kitchens. Supplied in 5 litre containers for use in bulk fill soap dispensers. A much cheaper alternative to pouch refills.


Choose from unperfumed (for food handling), CK1, Obsession, Poison, JPG, Amarige, Jazz, like fragrances to citrus, apple, spring fresh, and many more.


A Luxury liquid soap is also available for prestigeous Hotels, Restaurant & Washrooms.

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Weight 5 kg

Amarige, Apple, Cheeky One – CK1, Citrus, Jazz, JPG – Jean Paul Gaultier, Obsessive – Obsession, Poison, Spring Fresh


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