Extra EXTRA long reach Litterpicker gripper 2 metre 6 feet

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Litter Picker. Extra long reach mechanical gripper tool. 2 metres (over six feet).
78″ inch, 6 feet 6inch,(200cm).
Strong tubular Aluminium yet light construction for working at length, full hand lever grip, Nipper grippers..
Our Best selling extra long litter-picker online since 1996.

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Full hand control grip lever allows other hand to distribute weight and balance pole.

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Extra long litter-picker’s easy one handed control operation using full hand lever style (similar to squeezing a bicycle brake lever) rather than single finger pistol grip style is better suited for working at length, allowing a free hand to steady tool boom, balancing weight and controlling this extremely long litter picker. This design means the tool is ambidextrous, right or left handed, enabling the free hand to support the length of the litterpicker. Manufactured from rigid 1″ aluminium tube, Nipper grippers, which enables a reasonable weight of litter to be lifted even at 2.0 metre length without flexing.

We have been selling this extra long litter picker online for over 22 years and is by far the best 2 metre litterpicker.

Extra Long Reach LitterPicker Over 6 Feet, 2 metres, 78inch.

The operating mechanism is a direct aluminium plate connecting rod rather than a cable which means grip is real feel, unlike stetch with cable or cord.

Two pincher mechanical tool grabs litter, making it easier to grip litter.

Both pincers rotate inwards to give equi-pressure on item being lifted for better grip and the design means that very accurate litter picking is achievable on very small pieces of litter.

Extra Long Litter Picker. Extra Long Reach mechanical gripper tool.

At over 6 feet long this 78″ inch,(200cm) 2 metre grabber is ideal for fishing litter out of streams, canals, waterways, gulleys, or out of trees or areas at height.. Regularly used for retrieving rubbish or removing items causing a pest over fragile roof areas, without the need to step onto roof. It is possible to reach almost 3 metres with arm outstretched if item to be lifted is light.

Tough tubular construction for working at length, full hand lever grip.

Extra long reach mechanical gripper tool 78″ (200cm)

The same design of litterpicker tool, with tubular pole and full single hand lever control handle is also available in two shorter reach lengths of  1 metre, (100 cm, 39″ inches) and also 70cm, (28″).  Again this single handed operation is ideal as it leaves a free hand to hold rubbish bag. We can also supply a hoop to hold the rubbish bag open to make litter picking as easy as possible. All of these tools use Nipper grippers.

2 metre long litterpicker, ideal for hard to reach areas, such as litter in trees, roofs, waterways etc. Litter Picker Length: 78″ inches 2 metres.

The shaft material is conductive therefore it should not be used near electrics or overhead cables!

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