Its Magic Too – Multi hard surface cleaner concentrate non solvent. 4pack Special Offer

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Professional Super Cleaning Concentrate
Non hazardous under C.O.S.H.H
Use on any washable surface.
Dilute to suit wide range of cleaning problems

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ITS MAGIC TOO:  for Hotels, Restaurants and Caravan parks: Super cleaning concentrate.


One product for all Hotel, Restaurant, & Caravan surfaces routine or problem cleaning. Concentrate can be made extra strong for specific problem cleaning. One Cleaning material for ALL jobs. Save buying large quantities of lots of different products. 1 x 5litre will refil 210 sprayers.


Its Magic Too, industrial cleaning chemical cleans nearly every stain from carpets and upholstery, walls & floors effortlessly.

Top Tip. Restores shower tiles like new. Removes soap fats, body fats, mould, fungus and light water scale from shower tiles.

Above are some of Its Magic Too’s more unusual specialised uses. It is however supplied as ONE all-round, multi-purpose cleaner for all surfaces, the ultimate Cleaning Material, which really works in both Front of House and Domestic areas of Hotels and Restaurants.

Solvent less General Purpose Supercleaner – Dynamic Chemical’s IT’S MAGIC TOO is a newly developed solvent less hard surface cleaner to reduce cleaning time and costs in Hotels and Restaurants. Environmentally Friendly and C.O.S.H.H kind. Contains no Glycol Ethers or Acids. A single product which dissolves the molecular structure of oils, fats, greases, and other residues. Safe on any surfaces which are not harmed by water. Pleasant citrus fragrance. A Safe Cleaning material & Environmentally Friendly too!

A sprayer of ITS MAGIC TOO on average is one of the cheapest cleaning materials to use in the hospitality industry, it costs only 12p, yet it cleans like products found on satellite TV at £9.95. Excellent for problem cleaning like removal of nicotine stains from painted surfaces, upholstery stains, carpet stains including red wine, coffee , Cola etc. Shower cleaner restores tiles to gleaming like brand new by removing soap fats, dead skin and light scale which inevitably dulls shower walls.

ITS MAGIC TOO is classed as non hazardous.

ITS MAGIC TOO is one of our colour coded cleaning product and is supplied RED for use in a red sprayer for general cleaning and disinfecting of public areas.

See colour coded cleaning system (particularly useful where employees may be foreign or have language difficulties etc).

Keep your surfaces spotlessly clean with daily use whether via spray and wipe or floor mopping.

No harmful solvents and no toxic fumes. 100% fire proof and no special storage facilities are required. Biodegradable and leaves no residues. Non-corrosive and suitable for use on all washable surfaces. Hazard free total cleaning

Dilutes in hot or cold water and rinsing is rarely required. Reduces labour cost by up to 50%. Quickly penetrates and emulsifies grime and dirt for easy removal. Some suggested use dilutions:
Glass – 100:1, Vehicle wash – 40:1, Walls & floors – 20:1, Vinyl upholstery – 20:1, Kitchens – 15:1, Machinery – 10:1


Wetting agents and emulsifiers quickly float up dirt for easy removal. Spray, wipe or mop the soiled surface, allow a few seconds for penetration and remove with a clean cloth, or rinse with clean water. Leaves no residue or streaks on cleaned surfaces, even modern vinyl or formica type surfaces, tables bedroom furniture etc. Acts as a surface renovator by removing oil, grease, fats., stains, wax, ink, mildew, soap scum and other unsightly soils. Excellent performance as a traffic lane cleaner or spot cleaner for carpet cleaning specialists. Suitable for use in carpet cleaning extraction machines, low foam.

Windows and mirrors, bathroom fixtures, floors and painted walls, aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, and other decorative metals, rubber, plastic and laminated surfaces, enamel and painted equipment, ceramic and vinyl tiles, kids soft play areas and childrens nursery and toy cleaner sanitiser.
Suitable for use in scrubbing machines, high pressure washes, and steam cleaners. Your Dynamic Chemicals representative will be pleased to demonstrate the dispensing and application equipment provided with this product.


 Cheapest multi purpose cleaner, cleaning material? Suggested dilutions of concentrate and approximate cost of sprayer.


Product Use

Sprayer Cost


Grease/ Oil from concrete



Laundry prewash



Nicotine/ Stubborn stains ‑ spot cleaning carpets



Upholstery, carpets, tiles



Floors and walls



Windows and Mirrors


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Solvent less General Purpose Super cleaner – Dynamic Chemical’s IT’S MAGIC TOO is a newly developed solvent less hard surface cleaner which contains no Glycol Ethers or Acids.

This product can be specially ordered with variants such as “QuickDry” for areas where quick drying required during floor cleaning process.

It is also available with viruscide added for “Belt and braces” surface cleaning in the event of a virus outbreak.


Have a cleaning problem? and not sure if this product will solve your problem, email or call us and we will advise.

The best way to decide if this is the best hotel, restaurant front of house or domestic cleaner is to buy some. Why not make up a box to take advantage of our discount offer and try HEAVEN SCENT, air freshener, VISION, glass & window cleaner, OBSESSION, bathroom cleaner, CATERSAN, kitchen degreaser, CARBON-OFF, oven cleaner as well. You won’t be disappointed. Next day delivery service throughout UK mainland. Used properly you wont find any other product more effective or cheaper.

On longer term contracts we can supply plumbed in dispensing centres to ensure the product is used at the correct dilution ensuring maximum economy.

Available to householders who need or want to use professional products and enjoy the savings by diluting the products at home.


Group and contract prices can include cleaning schedules, regular hygiene audits and staff training (subject to availability).

Dynamic Chemical’s ITS MAGIC TOO,  M.S.D.S. available in any European language.


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Download Dynamic Chemical’s, Hotel & Restaurant, General Purpose Cleaner, ITS MAGIC TOO MSDS pdf (English)

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