Oven Cleaners Scrubbing Pads – light duty – 114 x 255mm (41/2’x 10″inch)

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Oven Cleaners Scrubbing Pads – White – light duty. Ideal for cleaning bright surfaces which may get scratched, chrome or soft stainless steel.
114mm x 255mm (4 1/2″x 10″inch).

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Oven Cleaners Scrub Pads – LIGHT duty – 114mm x 255mm ( 41/2“‘x 10” inch).

Can be cut into 3 handy size pads which don’t break up when scrubbing ovens.  This pad (White) does collapse with use however still exceptional hard wearing, suitable for professional cleaners for use when scouring soft metal surfaces which could be scratched with heavier duty pads e.g. kitchen cleaning, oven cleaners, decorative chrome rings, soft polished stainless steel.

Scouring without scoring.

Long lasting, one pad will outlast a pack of green scourers. No small particles breaking off!

Boxed in 5s.  Priced and sold seperately (per pad).

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