Syphon drum pump – 210 Litre drum/plastic container

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Syphon Pump. Barrel/ drum pump – 210 Litre drum/plastic container.
Convertible to suit 120 lt, 60 lt or 25 litre drums.

Pump out or empty hot tub/spas quick, also suitable oil tanks, fuel, bio-fuel transfer pump.

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Drum/ Barrel Syphon pump – 210 Litre drum/plastic container.

3 or 4 pumps is usually enough to start the syphon action pump. To stop flow unscrew valve on top of handle (breaks syphon).

The speed of flow varies by viscosity of liquid being transferred, and height difference between containers. (the pump will transfer 210 litres of diesel or TFR detergent in approximately 20 minutes).

The thread on the base of the pump suits metal 210 drms, and an adaptor (Part No 330) is available to adapt to thread on popular plastic 210 drums. (NB there are various thread types of plastic drums).

Ideal for bio-diesel transfer.

Dip tube could be cut shorter to adapt pump for use in 120 litre, 60 or even 25 litre drums.

Empty Drain Hot Tub Spa Fast

Hot tub/ spa slow to empty speed it up with 1 or 2 of these. approx flow depending of height difference (hydrostatic head) approx 12 litres a minute.


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