Trigger Sprayer Complete WHITE

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Trigger Spray Complete white.
Combination of the sturdy 922 natural Bottle and 923 white durable trigger spray top.

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White – Colour coded hand held adjustable trigger sprayer

23rd March VERY LOW STOCK , check stock availability, see below.

Some reserved stock to be shipped with certain products.

The Ergo Spray hand sprayer is a sturdy, durable sprayer suitable to a wide range of uses. Ideal for spraying detergents.

The sturdy 922 bottle is the cleaning industry standard, ergonomically designed to suit the grip in the palm of your hand. Suitable for right or left handed use. The robust construction will give years of constant use.

The 922 Ergo-Spray head is the ideal suited sprayer top which is industry leader in the industrial detergent market.

Colour coded trig heads can be incorporated into product or area colour coded systems.

If ordered along with Dynamic Chemical products these sprayers come pre-printed on one side with standard H&S info and a label to identify contents for plain side.

This sprayer is ideal with most detergents and cleaning chemicals (except acid or solvents. If unsure please call for assistance).

For solvent products use solvent resistent item 923PBT trig top.

For acid products use a pressure sprayer which expresses product out avoiding pump mechanism such as TEC1000VTN.

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