Unprinted sign – to apply your own adhesive sign (not supplied)

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Unprinted, Yellow folding A-Frame Safety Sign.
Unprinted, Blank, Free-Standing, Folding A-Frame safety warning sign,
26″ inch high. Can be printed or adhesive labels both sides.
Ideal for printers / signwriters – PS 124 PLAIN (Unprinted).
Supplied 2 sides un -pinned (with hinge pins supplied separately)

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“PLAIN, UNPRINTED, BLANK” Safety Warning, folding, A-Frame Floor Sign

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The A-Frame is made of durable Yellow plastic. The PS 124 is a high quality, robust, heavy duty, A-Frame plain, un-printed, folding safety sign which you can either print your own message on or apply your own designed vinyl lettering or decals. See 2nd image for print area dimensions. The sign is designed for mobility, folds flat so easily carried, folds to fit or hang on cleaners trolley, easily stored flat in a van and quickly erected into A-Frame with on hand. We stock a range of various quality and types of floor signs with various messages, and in different languages, some tri-lingual signs.

This model of sign has spring hinge pins and can be pre-ordered unassembled, so that each side of sign can be printed easier (eg pad printing) before self assembly.

Avoid accidents and injuries in the work place, unnecessary sick leave or legal claims. Print your own message to place on sign to warn people of a specific hazard.

Make sure staff, visitors and the general public are aware of any wet floors, trip, slip or any other hazards in the area.


Design your OWN, warning sign on Yellow, Free Standing Plastic A-frame folding Sign.

Folding A-Frame safety warning sign, 26″ inch (66cm) high x  10 1/2”  (22.5cm) width, printed both sides.

Avoid costly liability claims.

This item is a “Plain”  Yellow Plastic Safety Warning Sign

We stock a choice of pre-printed safety signs to warn of everyday potential temporary cleaning and maintenance hazards. Vivid bright yellow with red and black printing text with hazard image. The unprinted version is also available to apply your own sign (not supplied). All plastic heavy-duty sign, folds flat for easy carrying and transporting.

Unprinted sign – to apply your own adhesive sign (not supplied)

Signs are supplied, 2 sides un-pinned (with hinge pins supplied separately) to make it easier to print, fit in pad printer or to work on table fitting graphics. Assemble with artwork to outside. Pins push in, and snap into place in either direction.

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