FLOOR SCRAPER for wood vinyl surfaces

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Complete Floor Scraper Tool for WOODEN or VINYL floor surfaces.
Red vinyl coated, steel handle / pole, blade holder and includes 1 blade for wood or vinyl floor scraping.

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Complete Floor Scraper Tool for Wooden or Vinyl floor surfaces

Complete Kit floor scraper for wood, natural wood, safety flooring, laminate or vinyl floor surfaces. Flexible mild steel blade, with reasonable flexibility to cut into toughest of deposits for easy removal. Stiff enough to remove hardened deposits on wooden or vinyl floor surfaces.

54″inch long pole handle reduces need to stoop or bend down reducing risk of RSI (repetitive Strain Injury). Get the job done much quicker, Reduces man hours/ labour costs.

Versatile! This tool accepts both Wood Vinyl blade and also the stone blade

This item is supplied complete with red vinyl covered tough steel handle, bracket to accept and fix blades, and one Wood / Ceramic blade.

It is recommended to purchase just 1 Stone / Ceramic blade (Item No 80 RSC ) at same time as the rigidity of the thicker blade sometimes has some advantages, but for the little extra cost, it is like having a second tool available in your kit.

This item is longer than Post Office permitted max length of 50cm, therefore is carrier only (or pick-up) only.

Postage or delivery charges are quite often the most expensive part of purchases from us. We are restricted with many of our industrial products what the Royal Mail will accept.

It is well worth considering ordering all you need on 1 or 2 deliveries a year rather than buying individual items on a regular basis.

There are less restrictions on multiple items ordered at one time in a box via carrier than single items via the post.

Please note, having bought a complete floor scraper kit, your handle should last a lifetime. Separate replacements are available to keep your tools up to date.

Replacement scraper Blade holders are available on our site, and both types of blades, suitable for stone/ ceramic or Floor scraping or Wood / vinyl floor scraper blades fit the same holder/ tool.


This item is a Complete Floor Scraper Tool for wooden or vinyl floor surfaces, includes a red vinyl coated steel handle / pole, Blade holder; includes 1 blade for wood / ceramic floor scraping. The complete Kit for wood/ vinyl floor surfaces

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