Jet Clean economy TFR – 25 Litres

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JET CLEAN ECONOMY TRUCK WASH, TRAFFIC FILM REMOVER, TFR, PRESSURE WASHER DETERGENT Truck, Trailer, Vehicle, Curtain & Tilt Cleaner.Supplied in 25litre containers.

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Best results, Brush on, Power Wash Off.

Truck, Trailer, Vehicle, Curtain & Tilt Cleaner.

Dynamic Chemical’s JET CLEAN is a HIGH ALKALINE detergent which ensures swift cleaning of skips, chassis, as well as road haze, dirt, oil and other particles that adhere to vehicles and tilts.



Vehicle & Tilt Cleaner.  Dynamic Chemical’s JETCLEAN is a HIGH ALKALINE chemical which ensures fast removal of grease, dirt, oil and other particles that adhere to skips, farm equipment, vehicles and tilt covers.  It is fully biodegradable and easy to use.

For use on most surfaces and may be used in high pressure washes, automatic vehicle washes, etc.

Will act on a variety of surfaces such as vehicles and tilt covers.

Dilute at 4:1 and then add to pressure washing equipment.  For brush washing dilute with up to 15 parts water.  For use in automatic washers and high pressure units may be diluted at 1:100 parts water depending on the soil to be removed.  Simply rinse to leave a dirt and haze free finish. 300:1 is a suitable dilution for regular light cleaning of vans and cars.

Removes traffic film, grit, oil and other deposits.

Heavy goods skips, chassis, vehicles, farm machinery, buses, cars, plant equipment and many other uses.

Dilution Chart
Quantity of Product made from concentrate

4:1* 15:1 300:1
25 litres makes 8,000+ litres 40 buckets
(400 litres)
750+ buckets
(7,525 litres)
100 litres makes 30,000+ litres 160 buckets
(1,600 litres)
3,010+ buckets
(30,100 litres)
210 litres makes 70,000 litres 336 buckets
(3,360 litres)
6,321+ buckets
(63,210 litres)
* – 4:1 is dilution for pressure washing equipment and should be put through machine at 1.5%. Volume shown in 4:1 column is after being added to pressure washer.


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