Replacement FLOOR SCRAPER holder only

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Replacement floor scraper BLADE HOLDER ONLY. replacement holder for floor scraper blade, accepts stone / ceramic or wood / vinyl blade. Requires metal handle and blade to complete unit.

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Replacement Floor Scraper Blade holder only

This item is a replacement floor scraper blade holder ONLY. Includes bracket for steel pole to be attached, and 3 coach bolts, washers and wing screws to secure desired blade.

Replacement holder for floor scraper blade, accepts either our stone / ceramic, or wood / vinyl blade.

Requires metal handle and blade to make up complete unit.

A complete unit is available to buy online on our website.

Whats the difference between floor scraper for stone or ceramic floor, and a wood or vinyl floor?

The blades are the same size and therefore are interchangeable between the complete tool or the replacement holder. The blades are different in guage and flexibility. The Stone / Ceramic floor scraper blade’s guage is about twice as thick as the Wood/ Vinyl blade. The difference in flexibility is easiest described as the stone blade has little or no flexibility, whereas the wood / vinyl flexes, similar to a wallpaper scraper.

If you require floor scraper tools in your kit, you only require to purchase one complete tool and one alternative type blade as they are interchangeable.

Blades are made of mild steel, so will rust if left wet. Please clean and dry when finished using for maximum life. Clean and lightly polish with fine emery paper, and spray with thin oil or maintenace spray when storing.

If in doubt please email for more information, or call our office 01555 892929 for best advice on which floor scraper blade to buy, or would be best for your application.

For surfaces not listed it may make sense to buy a complete unit eg an 80 SC, (stone complete unit, and add on 1 WV wood vinyl blade only to compare performance to decide which suits you best.

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