Urinal screen with in built Deodorant Block

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Urinal screen with deodorant block. Better alternative to channel cubes blocks.
Combined urinal screen and toilet deodoriser.

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Combined Urinal Screen and Perfumed Deodorant Disinfectant Block

Triangular plastic lattice urinal screen with dinfectant deodorising block built into unit, fits most urinal designsand shapes.

Similar disinfecting fragranced block to traditional hanging toilet block. Perfumed block is enclosed in screen which means it is held in position and will not fall down drain bocking drain. Fragranced cube remains in holder as it dissolves with every use or flush, until it is completely dissolved. LOng lasting disinfectant block usually last a month but is dependent on toilet use and flush  frequency. Blue block size is a visual indication when item requires replacing. (Block is no replaceable, disposable item). A disposable glove is supplied with replaceable unit.

Plastic lattice acts as a barrier to items rogue items of toilet litter from reaching drains, preventing blocked drains in toilets.


Please also see our mechanical picking tool for retrieval of items from urinals: Click here (window opens in a separate window, you won’t lose your place in shop).

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