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BS EN1276 DISINFECTANTProfessional, Catering Anti-bacterial disinfectant sprayColour Coded – Anti-bacterial sprayTested, complies to BS-EN1276Various contact times 1 – 5 mins

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Tested to  BS-EN1276 & EN1650

BS EN1276 DISINFECTANT: Many products available on the market are sold as anti-bacterial (bactericidal) or claim to kill 99.99% of known bacteria. This is not sufficient in any professional kitchen or food processing area including butchers, food production, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, nursing homes down to the smallest B&B or even a snack van. Cook Safe Surface Sanitiser kills 100% of specified bacteria at the correct strength and correct contact time.

N.B. This EN1276 anti-bacterial disinfectant product is not proven to kill virus. please see VIRU-SAFE which has a broader spectrum formulation and prroven track history on a range of virus including Coronavirus:

Surface Sanitiser is bleach free, and can be used to disinfect any surface. Recommended for Food preparation areas, table tops, desks, telephones, bannisters, childrens play areas, and computer keyboards.

Cleaning and disinfecting “at risk” or contaminated surfaces with BS EN1276 Disinfectant.

To comply with current hygiene regs, it is necessary that a 2 stage cleaning procedure is carried out (i.e Clean first then disinfect).

Stage 1 Cleaning procedure:

 First clean the surface with a good detergent or degreaser if applicable, (eg Catersan), and rinse clean, then follow disinfecting procedure, ensuring using correct product, correct dilution and contact time.

Stage 2 Disinfecting procedure:

The correct wet contact time for disinfecting with this product to meet BS EN 1276 is 5 minutes, at a measured dilution of 1:20. The reason for this length of contact time is, that is how a EN1276 test is conducted.


Average cost per trig sprayer at 1:20, is only 8p.   1 x 5Ltr container will refill 500ml sprayer 210 times.

N.B. Contact times must be observed, and to prevent cross contamination, in disinfection stage, surface wiped with a clean disposable wipe such as paper, and binned after use. Do NOT use same cloth in both cleaning and disnfecting procedure.

This item is for 1×5 litre EN1276 Surface Sanitiser. Please have a look at other packages in the range we offer with mixed boxes with a range of products, dosing equipment to achieve correct dilution, colour coded wall chart and colour coded sprayers, for instant compliance with the regulations. You can also pick and organise products to suit your own circumstances.

Cook Safe Sanitiser is not just a single biocide, but blended Quaternary Ammonium Compounds which has been Tested and exceeds tests set out in BS-EN1276 for bacteria found in food production & kitchen areas. Also suitable for all critical surfaces including all front of house, public areas, toilets and washrooms.

We strongly recommend reliable dispensing equipment and adherance to contact times for known risks. Finally wiping should be with a clean wipe such as papel towel and disposed of directly to the bin.

Cook Safe procedure for preventing cross contamination requires sanitising surface and wiping with disposable wipe after cleaning food preparation surfaces.

Originally produced colourless (now a light green) with no fragrance, can be customised to suit any product colour coding and fragranced (fragrance not recommended for food production areas. Unless specified, product will be supplied in a light green colour for easy identification and for use in a planned colour coded sprayer.


Economical. can be diluted 1:80 for “Clean” application or 1:40 for cleaning operations. Minimum wet contact time 1 minute for normal disinfecting. Average cost per trig sprayer is only 3p.

Avoid Cross- Contamination: We supply our product concentrate in a 5 Litre container, product coloured GREEN!

We supply a 30ml (GREEN) Pelican pump and a green re-usable trigger sprayer, so everything is colour coded, for GO!.

From a managerial position, it is instantly recognisable that the correct product is being used, the green sprayer, green product inside matches the sprayer. Dosage is correct due to using the (GREEN) dispenser.

To avoid cross-contamination, established colour-coded equipment, cleaning schedule and procedure, colour-coded chemicals procedure. The first colour coded system for professional systems, which cuts through language barriers, and make Hygiene Traning much easier and simple to monitor.


Effective on S.Aureas, E.Coli, Salmonella,  E. Hirae, P.Aeruginosa.


Cook Safe procedure for preventing cross contamination by sanitising surface after cleaning food preparation surfaces





NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Please also see New Chlorine Free Virucidal Spray & Fogging Liquid for viral out breaks, trauma clean ups to replace chlorinated or bleach products.

EFFECTIVE ON:  HIV, Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) when the treated surface is allowed to remain wet for 5 minutes.
ViruSpray & Viru‐Fog, when used on environmental, inanimate hard surfaces exhibits virucidal activity against Human Coronavirus and SARS associated Coronavirus when the treated surface is allowed to remain wet for 2 minutes.  Safe on most washable surfaces including soft furnishings, upholstery, carpets etc. Re-Launch 27th Aug 2012 available in a range of colours and new fragrances.

See seperate technical sheet for dilution rates, contact times and BS-EN1276 EN1650 test results


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