Litter Picker long tongs style

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Tongs style litter picker. Particularly good for picking up larger pieces of paper litter or cloth. Positive grip on large types of litter.
Dimensions 34 1/2″ inch, 88cm.

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Litter Picker Tongs style for Larger paper, cloth litter picking

Constructed from light yet durable aluminium box section profile, with moulded hand grip and grippers at end of tongs for gripping litter.

Litter Picking Tongs suitable for single handed operation. (Right or Left handed)

Litter picking tongs operate a tweezer type action operated by whole hand. This style of litter picker is particularly usefull when picking large items of paper such as newsprint, wet paper food wrappings, magazine pages, or cloths and rags. Similar to old fashioned laundry tongs for thos of you who can remember wash houses and twin tubs!

If there is any risk of wind, in fact a breeze on intended litter picking day we would recommend a bag holder hoop. It will make the job much easier and save you hours of fraustration. See link below. Kits comprising of litter pickers and bag holders also available in our store.

We try to hold stock to deliver next day, however frequently environmental groups, neighbourhoods organise litter picking days and can order large quantities occasionaly putting stock under strain, particularly in Spring and Autumn. Organisers should allow 7 – 10 days for delivery of equipment before the big day.

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Make the litter picking task easier with a bag holding hoop, holds the waste sack or black bin bag open making collecting litter much easier. Available in 2 sizes, large and small. Click Here (Opens in a new window)

Hand litter picker tongs.


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